Success Comes From Making Mistakes

The internet is full of a wealth of health and fitness information.  A quick search of "how to lose fat" throws up 62'900'00 results on Google.

With that amount of information available there is going to be lots of conflicting advice that can leave you confused and stuck in 'research mode'.  Research mode is the opposite of taking action; you are always looking for the next bit of perfect information that will help you, often causing you to feel confused further.  With each bit of information you read you fill your brain with more information, without the actual experience of putting into action that information.  I've been there (and still am a lot of the time) - it's frustrating and is the cause of lots of procrastination.
What's this got to do with health, fitness & body transformation?

Learning happens through experience.  Reading blog posts or watching videos will only add to your contradicting sources of information.  You have to see, feel, hear something to truly learn from it.  

If you are reading a recipe, you have to cook it.  If it tastes horrible, you have learned that next time you need to change something.  If you are trying a new way of eating or diet plan, you will need to follow that plan for a good amount of time to learn how your hunger, energy and mood responds to it.  If you are hungry, low on energy and have a low mood then you have learned that something hasn't worked (hint: you're probably not eating enough).  If you watch an instructional exercise technique video then get yourself into the gym and practise the new technique.  If something hurts or doesn't feel right you have learned that you may need further coaching  or that the movement isn't for you.

On the flip side, each of the above cases may give a positive learning experience.  You now know that these work for you and that you are able to implement them into your routine.  You have experienced what you have learned and imprinted it into your brain.

Get out there and take some action.  Remember, every 'failure' is an opportunity to learn rather than something that cripples you and holds you back.

About the Author

Matt is a personal trainer from London. He has a BSc in Sports Science, is a qualified personal trainer and PN Level 1 Nutrition Coach.

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