Cardio or Strength for Fat Loss?

By | August 12th, 2016|Cardio, Fat Loss, Weights|

You may have pondered the question in the past; "should I lift weights, or should I do cardio if I am trying to lose weight?"  Or you may have never thought about exercise when trying to lose weight. Exercise should be a part of any effective weight loss regime.  The methods used should also be [...]

3 Weight Loss Training Tips

By | July 29th, 2016|Cardio, Fat Loss, Fitness|

LIFT SOME HEAVY STUFF You've got some hard earned muscle covering your skeleton, which has some serious metabolic, hormonal, aesthetic and performance benefits.  It's so important, that I'd urge you to think of a weight loss phase more as a 'muscle retention phase'. Whilst you will lose some muscle when you are losing weight, you [...]